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Thread: Jeremy goncalves

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    Jeremy goncalves

    Was wondering if anyone had any information on him from when he was in texas and what went on there! used to be some dirt on him on the old tx mx page any information would be gratly appreciated! Thank you in advance!

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    So its strange that you are looking into Jeremy. When he was living in Texas him and i were dating. I havent heard much from him. I know hes doing very well. As it looks from his instagram he has over 6k followers and is an acomplished professional OCR racer. @jeremyg_ocr and from his facebook page it looks as he ownes a large solar company. After seeing his name mentioned in this thread i did some research and the state of MA list that his earnings last year were upwards of over 1 million. But what sparked you to inquire about jeremy?

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